Snickers Life is proud to offer 'Wear As You Earn', our unique option where you pay NOTHING upfront for all your workwear. This is only available to Shore Group operatives and Shore Group clients. 


  • GREAT VALUE - Look great, work safe and save up to 30% off workwear from Snickers
  • FROM JUST £1/DAY - Spread the cost over your Snickers workwear over 10 weeks
  • PAY FROM GROSS WAGES - Pay nothing upfront with the payments are taken from your weekly gross pay if your items are for your workwear




1.Contact your Shore Group consultant or email


We'll confirm you're currently working with us and the maximum amount you can purchase using 'Wear As You Earn'. This is usually capped at 50% of your average weekly earnings. 


2. We will send you a unique voucher for your purchase.


3. Choose the official Snickers Workwear you want. 


4. When you checkout, enter your unique voucher code and this will deduct the maximum amount you qualify as part of Wear As You Earn.  You will need to pay for any purchases above this amount when you checkout. 


5. We will then despatch your order!


6. For the next 10 weeks, The Shore Group will deduct 1/10 of the total value of the items covered under your Wear As You Earn order from your gross weekly pay.  


Please note that you remain responsible at all times for ensuring that you include these items in your personal tax reporting and / or annual accounts.


In the event that you leave your role, any outstanding balance from your Wear As You Earn order will be deducted in full from your final weekly payment from The Shore Group. 


You can use the Wear As You Earn scheme up to FIVE times every year, so you can be sure to have the PPE you need to keep you safe and comfortable at all times!